Tuesday, 21 January 2014

TEV Wahine

TEV Wahine was a dual screw, turbo-electric, roll-on/roll-off passenger and vehicle ferry of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand. She was started on at the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan, Scotland in 1965 and worked the New Zealand inter-island way between Wellington and Lyttelton from 1966. In an unusual storm on 10 April 1968 she foundered on Barrett Reef and overturned near Steeple Rock at the mouth of Wellington Harbor. Of the 610 passengers and 123 crew on board, 53 were dead.

The collapse of the Wahine is one of the well known maritime tragedies in New Zealand’s history, though there have been worse, with far greater loss of life.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The Wahine disaster occurred on 10 April 1968 when the TEV Wahine, a New Zealand inter-island ferry of the Union Company, foundered on Barrett Reef at the entrance to Wellington Harbour and capsized near Steeple Rock. Of the 610 passengers and 123 crew on board, 53 people died. The wrecking of the Wahine is one of the better known maritime disasters in New Zealand's history, although there have been worse with far greater loss of life. New Zealand radio and television captured the drama as it happened, within a short distance of shore of the eastern suburbs of Wellington, and flew film overseas for world TV news.

Friday, 11 May 2012


Monimiaceae is a family of flowering plants, which includes 150-220 species of shrubs and small trees in 18-25 genera. They are native to the southern hemisphere tropics and subtropics. The largest genus is Tambourissa, with 50 species in Madagascar, the Mascarene Islands, and the Comoros. The type genus, Monimia, is endemic to the Macarenes.

The earliest fossil occurrence of the family is from the late Cretaceous of Antarctica.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Biography - Patricia Grace

Grace currently lives in Hongoeka Bay, Plimmerton. In 2006 she was one of three honourees in the 2006 Prime Minister's Awards for Literary Achievement. Grace was awarded the Distinguished Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2007 Queen's Birthday Honours. She is the 2008 recipient of the prestigious biennial Neustadt International Prize for Literature.

Grace is a patron of the Coalition for Open Government. The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English refers to her prose as distinctive in its "spare style based on the speech structures of Maori English".

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Patricia Grace

Patricia Frances Grace, DCNZM, QSO, (born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1937) is a notable Māori writer of novels, short stories, and children's books. Her first published work, Waiariki (1975), was the first collection of short stories by a Māori woman writer.[1] She has been described as "a key figure in contemporary world literature and in Maori literature in English".